Waterproofing, Sydney, NSW

Waterproofing your house tiles and all wet areas ensures safety and helps to get rid of dampness in your house. Be it the interior or exterior areas, we take on all kind of waterproofing projects with no job too big or too small.

Waterproofing is a brilliant way to increase the life span and value of your home with minimal maintenance. OzGood Tiling are a fully licensed and insured company and always promise results that you will be happy with offering a 100 percent guarantee of our work. If waterproofing is not done correctly the first time, it can cost you thousands in damage control and repair, so it is extremely important that this is done perfect and only once!

We take great pride in our work and aim to ensure that it is done perfectly the first time round. Our confidence in our work is backed by years of experience and extremely skilled labour. Our products used are of high quality and up to date with the industry standards.

Waterproofing prevents any kind of leakage and helps in the areas where any cracks are formed. We have the best material available that can be applied on all kinds of surfaces including cement and tiles. The material we use is cost effective and easily blends in with the cement and mortar mix. Our service is timely and dependable; we make sure that our presence in your house does not interfere with your day to day actions and that we are not even a minor inconvenience to your livelihood.

Customer satisfaction is our main goal that we strive to achieve by providing amazing service. Our waterproofing is done using advanced technology and solutions that guarantee the prevention of water seepage completely. We are the pioneers in this industry and are trusted by our clients and builders who refer us for more work. Our capability is enhanced by skilled and experienced craftsmen educated with the latest trends and technology. We are very competitive when it comes to proving our capacity and make sure that we specialise in any new material as soon as it is introduced in the market.

We have created a niche space for ourselves in the market and make ourselves available for our clients all the time throughout the year. For a waterproofing job done right, give us a call today.

Roof Waterproofing
Man sealing a bath or basin with silicone
Waterproofing a warehouse in Sydney's North Shore
OzGood Tiling worker waterproofing the top of a building

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