Bathroom Renovations, Sydney, NSW

When you think about renovating your bathroom, you either get an image of a perfect looking bathroom with gleaming tiles and exotic flowers adding a beautiful scent to the space or... a complete cataclysm of broken tiles and scraped cement.

You're not entirely wrong, both of these thoughts are in fact, part of the bathroom renovation process and our licensed and professional team at OzGood Tiling are ready to guide you through this exciting journey in your own home!

A private space where you can soak in a hot bath after a long day of work or take a quick shower before heading out to work needs a space designed in a way that you desire, we are more than willing to listen to your requirements and shape your bathroom the way you have imagined it to always be.

As everything in life, a bathroom renovation does have its own limitations due to the drainage connectivity and fittings; however, with our experience, we make sure that you get the optimum utilisation of facilities available in your bathroom to ensure that no wastage takes place. To make your experience better, we offer top quality products with a competitive price range and the cleanest job in Sydney.

With the size of the bathroom kept in mind, we research colour schemes that can make it look more spacious, giving the illusion of greater size whilst not physically creating any extra space (unless you want us to of course). It's important to have natural light, so we factor this in to our build and also look at installing shelving that looks elegant and justifies the purpose of utilising the space effectively.

Although we specialise in tiling, we also provide other services including waterproofing of the bathroom floor for your safety and convenience. Waterproofing can be done to prevent any leakage or cover any existing cracks and you can also opt for waterproofing the whole bathroom floor and walls to prevent dampness.

We also provide cement rendering services to ensure the job is done to perfection. We have both traditional and modern ways of cement rendering and we can offer you the most effective option that would suit the interior walls of your bathroom. We make sure that the job is done quickly without making any compromise on the quality of work.

Our mission is to gain our customers trust by proving our dependability.

Bathroom Vanity of Wood with Black Basin and Taps
Sydney Bathroom Renovation concept drawing

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