5 Signs that it is time for a renovation

Since you’re reading here, you’re probably one of three things:

a.) a new property owner—may it be residential, commercial, or office—who’s looking to decorate their new space

b.) someone who is unsatisfied with their previous renovation experience and is looking for another service provider; or

c.) someone who’s in the mood to give their home a fresh, new makeover

If we guessed correctly (we’re sure we are; otherwise, we can think of no other reason why you’d be browsing the site of a Sydney renovation company), then you’re on the right site! Furthermore, chances are that you’re still contemplating whether you’ll be going through the whole process. We understand that it’s a huge decision, as it requires a lot of consideration, including financial, physical, mental—and as if that’s not enough, it takes up your time and privacy as well. With OzGood Tiling, though, we try to make the whole thing quick and convenient for you. Just ask our previous clients and let their properties attest to our exemplary standards! Moreover, we provide a wide array of services, so there’s no need to hire multiple companies. If these aren’t convincing enough, then here are 5 SIGNS THAT IT’S TIME FOR A RENOVATION!

1. Dull wall? Make a call!

If the paint is chipped or flaking, or the wallpapers are peeling, then what are you waiting for? It’s high time for you to get some revamping done! Wall tiling is among our many specialties, and whatever theme you have in mind, we have it all for you!

2. Boring floor tiling

Now that you’re probably gonna go for a wall renovation, why not include the floor that would complement it? Carpet too high maintenance? Hardwood too expensive? Then let our tiling magic do the trick! If you’re also following the yearly design trends, you’re probably aware that earthy, naturalistic tones are currently preferred. Well, you’re in luck because we also offer a variety of stone tiling—for walls and floors alike!

3. Leakage fuels rage

Dampness here, dampness there. Dampness everywhere! We get how frustrating that must be, because not only is it a problem in itself, but it can also consequently be a breeding place for mosquitoes and bacteria—and we want no part in that! If there are already hints of cracks and leakage, don’t wait for it to worsen and reach out to us

immediately for hassle-free waterproofing services.

4. Cop a new counter-top!

Granite is out, quartz is in! What? You haven’t heard? No worries, because we can simply include modifying your counter-top when you choose to hire us for your kitchen makeover!

So why quartz, you ask?

Listed as follows are the many ways in which quartz outperforms granite, giving you better value for your money:

  • Depending on the size and colour that you’ll be going for, quartz can be significantly cheaper than granite.       
  • Granite is an all-natural stone, so you can expect it to be porous and nonresistant to bacteria, unlike quartz, which is also less prone to staining. It can be

inferred that quartz is relatively easier to clean and maintain.       

  • Both materials are exceptionally durable, but due to the existing flaws in granite, it is more prone to cracks. Furthermore, angular corners would not be such a wise

decision, because it tends to chip when accidentally struck with a hard object. Moreover, even though similarly heat-resistant, granite might also crack from a

thermal shock.        

  • Since quartz is engineered, it gives you the creative freedom to select whatever colour and design you like. You can even choose a marble vein design—without actually

using marble (since it’s less durable than quartz)!

Of course, there are still some ways in which granite is better than quartz, including the fact that some people simply prefer natural, earthy tones that is a particular quality of granite. Setting the two stones aside, still, it all comes down to the fabrication and installation of the countertops. No matter which material you choose, the

outcome surely won’t be as good as what you had in mind if it’s not expertly done.

5. Paving the way for new paving

Muddy pool? High-maintenance patio? Seems like getting these surfaces paved is long overdue. Without paving, such outdoor spaces are vulnerable to the harsh elements, which can set you back a lot of money and take up time to maintain. It doesn’t have to stay this way, though! Our seasoned professionals can do the paving for you—no matter the season. Say goodbye to a raw, soil exterior and with OzGood Tiling and Renovations, say hello to a paved one that’s safer and low to zero maintenance!

PS: Not only that, but it’s sure to make your space lovelier and add curb appeal to your property!